This post has no relation to marketing but it is something that I would like to express.

Recently, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. To my surprise, she did not mourn over the news but instead spoke words of positivity. She displayed strength and calmness. She has already been such an inspiration to me but is even more now. She made me cope with the news differently and instead encouraged me to only think positively about her journey to recovery. My way of coping is fundraising for cancer research by participating in the Relay for Life.

She also inspired me to decide to take the Positivity Pledge. In doing so:

  1. I promise to stay positive in the face of negativity.
  2. I will think, feel and speak only words of positivity and hope.
  3. When faced with misfortune I pledge to find strength.
  4. I promise to be thankful for all of the wonderful things in life.
  5. I vow to be encouraging for those who need support.
  6. I pledge to be responsible and helpful when at all possible.
  7. I promise to smile as much as I can even in times of grief.
  8. I vow to embrace the change and have faith in the future.
  9. I pledge to believe in myself, others but most importantly my mother.

 This is my pledge to myself that will assist in creating a positive environment for my mother and my family. My mother has been through my ups and downs and now it is my turn to do the same for her. It is my turn to be her shoulder and her strength.

I challenge all of you to create your own positivity pledge because not only can it impact others but also it can impact yourself!

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